Breaking the Chains ("BTC") is a unified global non-profit foundation using art as the process to unmask the stigma of individuals affected by eating disorders. Creative genres like film, painting, poetry, music and dance will inspire the global community to use art as an outlet for the darkness that lies dormant. 

Blue Boots participation

BTC's important message resonates with Blue Boots' own mission to share love with light. We have threfore chosen to pursue a collaborative journey with BTC. The award winning short film, Finding Alice (2015) was the first BTC project produced by us. Blue Boots' co-CEO, Anabelle Munro, sits on the board of the Breaking The Chains foundation. 

Blue Boots / BTC Collaborations


Directors:  Debra Hopkins

Screenwriter:  Debra Hopkins, Anabelle Munro

Genre:  Drama, Short

Year: 2015


A girl (MTV Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed) suffocates within a corrupted tea party and industrialized world full of twisted
mortar, metal, and steel, struggling with the vicious entities that dwell within. Her journey unlocks the key to finding the true meaning of who she is meant to be. 

Director:  TBD

Screenwriters:  Debra Hopkins

Genre:  Drama

Release:   2019


Within the walls of The Living Life Treatment Center, therapist Cynthia Jordan (Nikki Deloach) aids 7 young lives held captive to an all-consuming life-threatening disease that has no boundaries.

Script Awards: 

2010 Action on Film International Film Festival – Winner: First Runner Up Best New Writer: Debra Hopkins
2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival – Nominated Screenwriter: Debra Hopkins


Directors:  Anabelle Munro

Screenwriter:  Debra Hopkins

Genre:  Music Video

Year: 2017


Featuring MTV Awkward star, Jillian Rose Reed, the "My Worst Enemy" music video is set within the "Alice in Wonderland labyrinth gone dark" world created by Hopkins and Munro to carry the message of their global "Breaking the Chains" charity campaign.

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